Monday, August 27, 2018

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Indie Beauty Expo-NYC

Most of you know that I'm on the journey for more cleaner and greener beauty products. I heard about this expo for a while now and finally had the chance to go. This leg of the expo was in the concrete jungle. The Indie Beauty Expo's mission is to provide a platform for independent brands to showcase their products to individuals like me. Also, to have their products stocked at the retailers we love. Once I saw they were coming to NYC I started planning to be a part of it.

There were a ton of beauty brands. Some I've never even heard of and of course the ones I was ecstatic to see. I'll have a review on some of those brands soon. I mostly bought lip products (clove+hallow and social paint) and a hair oil from Kreyol Essence. Last but not least were the samples, samples, samples. 

 Overall, I did enjoy going to the expo. The only downside was the fact that a few of the brands didn't carry my shade range. Not really surprised about that. Although there was a lot of green beauty brands in attendance, a few of them weren't green beauty. There was a brand that I almost purchased from (the packaging was too cute) but when I saw a few of the ingredients, I asked if they were green beauty she said no they weren't. Dang! I wanted to try it. But I made a promise to myself to support brands that caters to my green beauty lifestyle. I'm not 100% there but the journey continues.....


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