Thursday, July 26, 2018


"Clueless" At Curl Fest 2018

I went to Curl Fest for the first time and *checks off bucket list*. Curl Fest is ultimate natural beauty festival. A meet up for the natural hair community to celebrate our natural hair, beauty, and culture. Started in 2013 by the Curly Girl Collective, their mission is to create innovative experiences that harness the energy of the natural hair movement and showcase the best brands for modern woman of color. Now in it's 5th year, I saved the date and made sure not to miss this natural hair mecca. July 21. Brooklyn, NY. Prospect Park was THEEE place to be. 

The weather was nice and it took me by surprise. I thought it would be scorching hot that day but it wasn't. There were vendors giving out samples as well as selling their products. I didn't really buy any hair products. I purchased some hair oils that I was curious to try and a really nice african print head scarf. I left with a few samples though. 

Overall, my first Curl Fest experience was lukewarm. I'm in no way bashing this event. I think it's a great concept. However, the execution was poor. Even with that I have no regrets about going. It's just that I (Maggi. Me, myself, and I) didn't get the "experience" that I heard so much about. The organizers were very adamant about tickets being required in order to enjoy Curl Fest "activities". The bulk of the "activities" was standing in long lines to get samples/buy products. That's not an activity that I enjoyed. 
I kept it simple with my hair doing this similar style 

I registered for the free general admission tickets and let me tell you that I didn't need to do that. Why? The location of the event was in a public park and ANYONE can literally walk right in. There was no one there to scan my ticket or asked if I had one. The only way they won't let you in is if you're being disorderly. 

Another thing if you're interested in getting a gift bag, based on what I've seen/heard they weren't worth it. You'll be standing in long never ending lines when you can just walk in and enjoy the festival. I left around 4pm and people were still in line for the gift bags. Most were not happy with what they got. Those that had VIP tickets didn't get the perks that came along with it. Those who paid less for their gift bags ended up getting better swag than those who paid more. That situation made me glad I didn't purchase any tickets.

I would probably go back to this festival but I'm in no rush to do so. There was close to 30,000 people at Curl Fest. All that melanin. It was a beautiful thing to see. So, if you plan on going there's no need to finesse, scam, or try to sneak in when organizers say they're "sold out". Also, beware of folks selling tickets to a free event. 

"Clueless" Tips For Surviving Curl Fest

Register- But not really. Follow the rules. Don't go snitching on me. 

Get There Early- Simply put, you want to beat the crowds, take selfies, and get freebies before vendors run out. Even though I was there early, there was still a wait.  

Dress Comfortably- I wore a maxi dress and I was expecting it to be scorching hot but the weather was really nice. It was suppose to rain the day of the festival and it did but it was afterwards.

Bring Snacks- I made sure to eat before I got there. There were food trucks and my greedy self made my way over to one of them. It was the jerk chicken, coconut rice, and plantains that got me. I think I enjoyed that more than the festival. Delicious! 😋

Cash Only- Most of the vendors were cash only. That wasn't a big deal for me because I didn't buy much hair products. Just an FYI if you want to buy products... bring $$$ instead. 


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