Saturday, January 6, 2018

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Vegan Bruh- Erin

Veganism shouldn't feel like a mandate says this vegan bruh

How long have you been a vegan? I've been vegan 6 years this past October. Whew... time flies!

Was transition easy? Surprisingly yes! I actually became vegan overnight as an experiment.

One night after a studio session, I had a long convo with a vegan-nutritionist friend and creative Syar Dali (@call_me_syar) about food, food justice, and the effects different foods had on the body. We talked about alkalinity, the immune system, how the human body metabolizes nutrients, and it was all pretty mind blowing.

After that, I decided to skip some levels and go "super raw vegan" just to see what would happen-- meaning only raw fruits and veggies with no refined sugars or even grains. I know, pretty crazy, but the really crazy part was that by the third day, I had lost 12 pounds. I've been vegan ever since. ;)

Any tips/advice for someone interested in being a vegan? I would say the best thing for them to do would be to look up some GOOD vegan recipes or some highly recommended vegan eateries in their area while they're still eating meat. That way the strong association they've built with good vegan food will serve as strong foundation for a vegan transition.

What's your favorite vegan recipe? My favorite recipe right now is one I made probably- vegan scratch pancakes and peppery sage potatoes. Here's the link to the recipe. Let me know how it is. Vegan Scratch Pancakes

Black male vegans/vegetarians are rare but seems to be growing in popularity. Why do you think that is? I think that social media (with all it's fault) has helped connect us not only to information about Veganism but to other black vegans we didn't know were there. Seeking that representation in particular, I think has been pretty beneficial in raising our awareness of the practice.

Vegans are sometimes known for being extreme. What's the one thing you want people to know about vegans? That we're people, LOL. Some vegans can be extra, true. Me, I'm a vegan primarily for personal health reasons. So, I won't probably I won't be holding any debates with omnivores.

That said, I think we're all really just interested in the same things- having good food, being healthy, and getting' free from our hang ups and misconceptions. Vegans live in that spirit.

(Extra credit) Being a vegan in a meat world is like being woke at work. #DiversityDay

Has it had an impact in other areas of your life? Yeah, being vegan has affected my whole health and wellness experience. I've lost weight, gained energy, cleared my skin, and completely changed my overall understanding of and relationship to the food I eat.

Is there anything you like to add? Veganism shouldn't feel like a mandate. It's like an invitation. At the end of the day, any evolution invite we choose for ourselves should be life giving to us. That's the only party worth going to.


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