Monday, January 8, 2018

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"Clueless" How To- Eat Your Water

I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of drinking water. *Gulp* However, I can't deny the benefits of drinking water. One of the main reasons for me is to stay hydrated. Especially since I live in hell Florida. I'm also tired of going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. It's become a strategy game that I no longer want to play. There's gotta be a better way to 8 cups of water a day. 

Me on my way to tinkle tinkle

Benefits Of Water:
-Helps with weight loss
-Detoxes the body
-Helps the kidney functions better and more

So I started researching and found that I can also stay hydrated by eating high water content foods. Yes lawd! I won't be constantly running to the bathroom. FYI, drinking too much water can be harmful as well. There was a story a couple of years ago about a woman who entered a radio contest that involved her drinking water. She later died from a symptom called hyponatremia (water intoxication). Below are a list of foods that I'll be uppin' to get all of the benefits I'm looking for.


Cukes are about 95% water. Say what! I've been snacking on them a lot. I get them from the farmer's market and just snackity snack. It keeps me full till I'm ready to be greedy later on. 


A summer staple that I love to eat year round. With about 90% water, it's loaded with all types of vitamins. This is one of my favorite watermelon salad.


*DJ Khaled voice* Another one that's 95% water. I made a zucchini salad with it before and going to seek out other recipes. 


The most hydrating of all the berries coming in at over 90% water. This is great in smoothies, salads, or just puree for a natural tasting popsicle

"Clueless" Tips- It's best to eat them raw to get the full nutritional benefits they provide.

There's so much more but this is a start. I've also been trying flavored water. I've seen the La Croix brand floating around but didn't really care for it until I went to this plant based event. Even though it's a healthier alternative to soda there are reports of it not being healthy for your teeth. I'm also iffy on the "natural flavor" part. I just drink it in moderation. I really try to stay away from the sugary crappy drinks as much as I can. Anyways, check out my related post "Clueless" Benefits Of Kombucha.

Psst.... Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, nutritionist, or health professional. I'm just sharing my own personal experience. Don't go snitching saying I told you to do XYZ. If it worked out I'll take the credit if not, who told you to listen to me? 😇


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