Monday, November 6, 2017

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"Clueless" Review- Love Life Wellness Cafe

Love Life Wellness Center is full circle center focused on a holistic approach to health. The center strives to cultivate a conscious community and offer a well rounded holistic based programming. The center is located in the Wynwood area of Miami. They have a list of classes that I can't wait to try. They also host monthly events that are always health related. 

The center also has a cafe that provides clean and nutritious food with the freshest ingredients. It's the winner of the 2016 Best Plant-Based Burger in America after winning Seed Food and Wine Festival Burger Battle. They came in second place at this year's festival. I had to check this place out and of course the food. 


I had the house special tacos. It came with 2 corn tortillas, lentil walnut "meat", pico, mixed greens, avocado spread, cashew crema, spicy mango, cilantro, and kale salad on the side. 

Isn't it a beauty? These tacos were delicious. The lentils acted as the meat substitute. I honestly thought I was going to be disappointed but I wasn't. I was totally satisfied with the taco and would definitely try it again. Most of their customers are like me non-vegans looking for delicious and nutritious meals. I would totally recommend this place to anyone looking for healthier options. 

The center recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary and of course I was there to play my part in being greedy celebrating. There was live music, plant-based food, kombucha, wine, desserts, and good vibes throughout the center.  If you're ever in Miami (Wynwood), check them out.


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