Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Clueless Recipes- Ginger Chicken Salad

I made this salad when I was in Budapest. I had access to a full kitchen and I made sure to take advantage of it. It was a great way to save instead of going out to eat all the time. There was a grocery store close to where I was staying and I went to pick up a few items. As much as I love to eat, I know I can't be outta control 24/7 but I can balance it out. 

Going inside Publix Spar

This store reminded me of Publix back in Florida. They were in just about every corner in Budapest. I believe this company is from the Netherlands. It's one of those stores where you have to bring your own bags. No biggie, I wasn't getting a lot. Once inside, I turned to my tour guide and asked where the bread at?

We went to the bread aisle but they weren't the kind I wanted. I said nah, where the sliced bread at? My tour guide said this is what they have. I'll have to buy as is and slice them myself. Excuse me??? I gotta slice my own bread??? Where they do that at??? I was being problematic over some bread y'all. 😆

My breakfast and snack buddies

Anyways, I got what I needed especially fruits and vegetables. They came in very handy for breakfast and snack time. 

-Chicken Breast (cut in pieces)
-Red Onions
-Ginger (fresh is best)
-Juice of 1 Lime
-Seasonings (the seasonings used was very similar to what I use back home *puts prayer hands together* Whew! I have something to work with)

Wash lettuce; cut, slice, dice all the veggies; put in a bowl and refrigerate; season chicken; add lime juice and diced ginger; marinate overnight (optional); the next day; heat stove on medium heat; add olive oil; add chicken pieces; cook until done; let cool down then add to veggie bowl. Enjoy!  

Ginger has a very unique flavor that is sweet and spicy. It is used to treat various ailments such as upset stomach, menstrual cramps, motion sickness, heart disease, and more.


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