Friday, July 28, 2017

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Black Green Beauty Influencers To Follow

There's a hand full of black beauty influencers, but not a lot of black green beauty influencers. I'm presenting my list of black green beauty influencers that I follow when it comes to green beauty. They've been pretty consistent with sharing their knowledge about what brands to try, what their favs are, and of course their own frustrations with some green beauty brands. I've transitioned to using all natural, clean, good for you beauty products. I shared my journey here: My Transition To (Almost) All Natural/Organic Makeup.

*Green Beauty Influencer, Keisha: Keisha has a blog post titled Representation Matters- Why I Refuse to Spend Money With Brands That Won't Diversify. I was in 100% agreement with that blog post.

I wanted to be more active in providing reviews on green beauty brands but a lack of representation has turned me away. I did review Shea Moisture Cosmetics last year and was looking forward to doing more reviews. When I recently walked into my local Target to get some products, I was extremely disappointed. They were no longer carrying their products. I went up and down the aisle to make sure and I couldn't find one of their cosmetics. That was the only Target in my area I was willing to drive the extra mile for. *Sigh* I didn't even bother asking what happened I just knew what the deal was.

*Green Beauty Influencer, Kaya: Kaya shares her own experience with some green beauty brands.

I'm a brick and mortar type. I like to know that I can walk in and touch, feel, smell, and taste (ok maybe not taste the beauty product, but you get my drift) my products. I also know that I can hop online and order these products but my experience hasn't always been that great. The product will look good online then when I get it, it's meh. Having to wait days for the product to arrive then if it's the wrong color/shade, gotta go back and deal with the "friendly" folks at the post office. I just don't want to deal with that.

*Green Beauty Influencer, Chelsea: Chelsea's telling her own story in why I'm Not A Purist. Oh... how I can relate.

Anyways, I have a stronger preference for green beauty products. It's 2017 and I should easily be able to find products that caters to my skin tone. *looks around beauty store, reaches for product, and throws it back on shelf* WHERE'S MY COLOR? It's getting to the point where I'm wearing less makeup but I don't want to scare nobody because I wanna look cute too. *batting eyelashes*

*Green Beauty Influencer, Monique: Monique has been sharing her green beauty journey for years. I don't remember how I found her but I'm so glad I did.

I've been making my own skincare products for years and haven't used commercial products since then. As a minimalist and DIY'er, I'm not in constant buying mode. However, I do get lazy sometimes and would love to try/review green beauty brands. Some of the prices though??? Some brands are worth it depending on the product. If I do buy and review, I want to make sure that it's a product I'll continue to buy again and again. 

*Green Beauty Influencer, Dawn: Dawn shares why Green Beauty Is The Best Beauty. No argument here.

Why is it so hard to get samples? If some of these brands offer samples.... gotta pay for it. I've done that before and was pissed with this one brand. I shared it on my Green Beauty Ingredients... And What It Means post. There's a green beauty movement going on. What we did with the natural hair movement was amazing. I'm very confident we can do the same with green beauty. A change is coming. New movement, who dis?

Who are your favorite black green beauty influencers?


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