Monday, May 22, 2017


"Clueless" Kitchen Hacks- Crushed Garlic & Cloves

I got another kitchen hack to share. Check out my freezing herbs with olive oil hack. As much as I enjoy cooking, some of the prepping takes the joy out of it. I like to keep things simple so I that can easily move on to the next steps. If you have a pilon you just might enjoy doing this hack. 

The idea for this hack came from me using an item that contained crushed garlic. Once it was finished, instead of throwing it away I re-used it. First washing it out then adding in crushed garlic & cloves. Take a look at the benefits of cloves.

Crushed Garlic & Cloves

Add garlic, cloves, seasonings, and a lil olive oil to the pilon and start mashing away. Once you get your desired texture, transfer to container. This container has 20 cube slots. Fill up the slots and in the freezer they go. Whenever I'm ready to use I just grab and go. No more stopping to peel the garlic then mash then cleaning the pilon afterwards. This hack has saved me so much time.

What are some of your kitchen hacks?


  1. Nice hack. There is something about mashing and peeling garlic cloves I love. I guess I can do both. LOL

    1. Thanks! Yes, it will save you time. I love the smell of them and when they meet the other ingredients.... Ooooh Weeeee