Monday, April 24, 2017


Vegetables That Are Really Fruits

From a "clueless" standpoint growing up I identified fruits as being sweet and vegetables as yuck. I've been bamboozled. Once I started opening my mind to healthy eating, I was happy to say yum to vegetables. For many, vegetables are part of main dishes while fruits are part of desserts and snacks. I use both in my smoothies for breakfast.

Facts: Vegetables are more nutritious than fruits. They both have nutritional values but veggies have more and are lower in calories.

I always thought it was fruits because they made my taste buds happier. As I was researching, I came across some interesting articles. Below are some of the fruits that I grew up thinking were vegetables.

Tomato- One of the most popular fruits that can be found in just about any dish. An excellent source of vitamins and minerals with a long, long, long list of health benefits. I recently had it with a vegan "BLT" sandwich and it didn't disappoint.

Cucumber- I've been adding them in more and more into my eating habits. I make my own pickles and made an amazing meatless dish with it. Cukes are mostly water and is great for hair and skin as well as having other health benefits.

Bell Pepper- The most common colors are red, yellow, and green. I was jumping for joy when I found some purple ones while at the farmer's market. Purple is also one of my favorite colors. They are a good source for potassium, your immune system, and more.

Avocado- One of my favorites of all the vegetables, I mean fruits listed. A superfood that is loaded with healthy fats. Makes an amazing snack or side dish. Eye health, heart health, high nutritional value, healthy skin, and ya don't stop. The list of benefits goes on and on.

What vegetables are you surprised to learn is a fruit? 


  1. I was so excited last week when I was invited to a luncheon catered by Tijuana Flats and before I left they gave me an unopened guac container to take home. Free avocados FTW!!

    1. Wow! That was nice of them to do. I'm coming over for some gauc. Thanks for stopping by.