Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Product Review- Jacq's Organics Green Beauty Haul

FYI: I make my own skincare products and haven't really purchased products since then. But Jacq's Organics was having a sale and I took advantage of this black owned luxe brand. For this post I won't review the soap bar because I did so here. I wanted to try the other soap bars but they were sold out at the time I made my purchase.

Beauty Detox Treatment- Detox Collection- includes 1 (3 0z) Fancy Detox Soap Bar and 1 (1 oz) Green Smoothie Scrub & Masque.

The green smoothie scrub and masque reminds me of scented bentonite clay. Which it does contain as well as activated charcoal powder, peppermint oil, and other good for you ingredients. I followed the instructions and went to pampering myself. It feels and smells so good. My face was refreshed. I've been using this once a week until it was all gone. So sad now. *thug tears*

Revitalizing Sweet Orange Face Toner (2 oz)- Imagine peeling an orange because that's exactly what this toner smells like. I used a cotton pad to tone and caught a whiff of this yummy toner. I love that it doesn't sting or dry my face. Works how it's suppose to.

Rosemary & Lime Face Cleanser (2 oz)- Now this was an interesting combo for me. I'm use to rosemary for oiling my scalp, hair spritz, and air freshner but lime??? I mostly cook and drink with. Regardless of my thoughts, I gave it a shot because my motto is don't knock it, 'till you've tried it. After I tried it I was impressed. My face was squeaky clean. This is truly a clean product with all types of wonderful ingredients. Again, my face was cool and refreshed.

Overall, I would recommend this product and would definitely buy again. Literally all of these products have a clean smell that isn't toxic. I know when I use these products I don't have to worry about toxic ingredients. As someone who prefers clean beauty, I appreciate companies that caters to what I'm looking for. Jacq's Organics is one of those companies listening and catering to those needs. Way to go!!!

"Clueless" Tips: Don't throw away the containers. You can reuse them when traveling. They are the perfect size.

*These items were purchased with my own money. Opinions expressed are my own. I will only recommend products that I use and enjoy myself. *


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