Saturday, February 11, 2017

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Green Light- Leolin

This eco-sista realized at a young age that this is a big and important responsibility

How long have you been eco-friendly? I feel like I have always been eco-friendly in one level or another. I learned about recycling in grade school. I never liked to litter and I was the kid who turned off the water when I wasn't using it. 

Why did you choose to be eco-friendly? The earth is so beautiful and we literally need it to live. I think that I realized at a pretty young age that this is a big and important responsibility. 

What do you like about it? I like knowing that I am doing my part to leave the world better than I came into it. I don't know how big exactly an impact I am making, but I am doing the best that I can at this moment and that makes me feel good. 

Did you face any challenges?If so, what was/is the biggest obstacle(s)? Of course! We live in a consumeristic, one use society. We want things now, quickly, cheaply, and always new. As a result if you choose to try to pull yourself out of this way of life socially it can be hard. You can sometimes feel like an outcast. That is why I surround myself with people who feel the same way which is so important. 

Any tips/advice for someone looking to be more eco-friendly? Start slow! As you become more educated and aware of your impact on the environment it can become overwhelming to think about all the ways that you are having a negative impact on the Earth. But today and right now do the best that you can. Tomorrow try to do better. The next day even better.

An easy first step is to purge your home of things that don't bring you value or use. I found that when I decreased the things that I owned I felt less pressure to consume more. This will also leave you with more free time since you don't have to spend as much time cleaning and taking care of your things. Use this time to go outside and enjoy nature and spend time with friends and family.

Going green can be complex. This discourages a lot of people. There's really no "right" way it's basically trying to do something than nothing at all. I sometimes feel like a green hypocrite. Do you feel that way sometimes? All the time. I follow a blog called Zero Waste Home. It's about a woman, her husband, and 2 kids. They use something like a quart of trash a year. I'm a single mother of one and I use that much in a day.How could I not look at that and think that I am not good enough and that I am not doing enough.

The thing is that guilt and the feeling of being a hypocrite is not helpful. It's actually going to cause you to give up and not even try. So when I am having those moments of not good enough, I think about all the ways that I am making positive progress and I also think of ways in which I can do more. There is a whole minimalist movement going on and people are living with less and going back to basics that it is so much easier now more than ever to be a Green Queen. 

You know I gotta ask, How long have you been natural and how do you keep it so FLY? I have been natural since 2015. I tried 2x's before to go natural and always went back to the creamy crack. So 3rd times the charm! The key for me is that I drink lots of water, eat a plant based diet, and tons of moisture. I am in love with my hair and I'm so glad that I made the decision to go natural. 

Is there anything you like to add? My 7 year old son tells me not to leave the water running and he knows what items can go into recycling. He also calls my hair beautiful when I want to call it crazy. The next generation is smart, vocal, and passionate so I have so much hope that we are moving in an overall positive direction.

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