Friday, January 6, 2017

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#CluelessFinance Chat Recap

The first of many "Clueless" chats took place on January 4, 2017. Starting with #CluelessFinance. I decided to start a series of chats after I shared my experience with this challenge. This is just my way of sharing what has worked for me when it comes to saving. However, I knew I couldn't have done this chat by myself. Below are those who joined in and shared their expertise on all things finance. 

@YourLifeFinance- Germeen, sharing the tools and resources needed to achieve financial success.

@Butler Journal- Jason, eliminating debt and sharing his ups and downs of doing so 

@SY Financial- Latasha, a money expert who helps people take control of their finances

@Frugal Feminista- Kara, financial friend helping you know the role money can play with achieving your goals

CONFESSION: I have to admit that I wanted to reach out to Kara in the beginning but I brushed it off and thought she wouldn't be interested in collaborating with 'lil ol me. But then this happened......

Yeah, I was kicking myself in the a@@. 

My goal with the series of chat is to inspire those looking to make positive lifestyle choices. Whether it's with finance, fitness, healthy eating, minimalism, and more. I'm still learning as I go along and these are what helped me achieve some success. Stay "Clueless" with me via Twitter for more info on the next one. Chat later!


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