Friday, December 2, 2016

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DIY- Faux Holiday "Fireplace"

Every year I try to find a project to do that excites me. After I watched this video, I was inspired to give it a try. There were a few modifications on my part because I was working with what I have.

What You Will Need:
-Box (the size depends on how tall you want it)
-Glue Gun
-Tape (electrical, scotch, and packaging)
-White Paint
-Spray Paint (Pimento Red)
-Black Construction Paper
-Christmas Lights

I found a box while I was on my run walk. 'Tis the season and boxes are pretty easy to find. It was perfect in height but it was too wide. So I had to do some cutting and measuring to get the width that I wanted. Something that I was trying to avoid.

So after cutting and measuring, I was able to get the width that I wanted. I securely taped the back and some parts at the top. Then I painted the entire box white except for the inside of it. Then I played around with the "bricks" to see how it was going to look before spray painting.  

Use an electrical tape to cover the lights except for the red and orange ones. I didn't enjoy this part but it had to be done. This will give you the "fire". I used a clear brown Publix shopping bag to place on top of the "fire". I cut and measured to get the right size for it to fit in the box. 

"Clueless" Tips:
-Save cardboard pieces don't throw them away too soon you will need them for your "bricks"
-Place newspapers all around so you don't end up having a messy floor (also put some inside the box while painting)
-Spray paint outside
-I used black construction paper as my "coals" and acorns as "woods" found outside.
-Don't forget to make a hole in the back to plug in the lights
-Be creative and have fun

What I spent:
-Pimento Red Spray Paint $7.99 at Michael's (I love how it gave me a brick red color)
-Electrical Tape $1.00 at Dollar Tree (came in packs of two)
-Christmas Lights $3.99 at Big Lots

This project was under $15. I had most of the other items readily available.

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