Monday, November 7, 2016

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Meatless Dish- Vegetarian Pho

Looks like another winner that'll be added to my top favorites.

-Oriental Style Noodles
-Sriracha Sauce
-Green Onions
-Vegetable Broth
-Baby Bok Choy
-Bean Sprouts
-Lime Juice
-Soy Sauce or Fish Sauce

Baby Bok Choy- 2 for $1
Mushrooms- $2
Bean Sprouts- $1
Jalapeños- $1(a basket full)
Cilantro- $.75

My total was $5.75. Not bad for a day at the farmers market.

Cook noodle according to package directions; cut/chop bok choy, mushrooms, and jalapeño; Heat pot on medium heat; add sesame oil, garlic, jalapeño, and green onions; sauté for 2-3 minutes; pour in vegetable stock, sriracha sauce, and let simmer; stir in noodles, bok choy, mushrooms, bean sprouts, lime juice, and seasonings along the way; simmer until mushrooms are tender; remove from heat; garnish with jalapeño, cilantro and lime wedges (optional)


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