Sunday, November 27, 2016

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"Clueless" Review- Annie Chun's Roasted Sesame Seaweed

I was at a local natural food store trying to be a health nut when I saw these samples to try. I had no intentions of purchasing but after I kept sampling one after another, it was a hint for me to just purchase. I'm use to eating seaweed with sushi so this was a nice change.

This snack is:
-Dairy Free
-Gluten Free
-Budget Friendly
-And tastes really really good

This is the kind of snack you want be very selfish with. I was at a soccer game and I didn't think I would be surrounded by vultures asking me... What is that? Can I try? Just want one more and I won't ask again. My plan was to snack in peace. But Nah. I later went back and bought more.

Health Benefits Of Seaweed:
-Improves Digestion
-Heart Health
-Protects The Eye
-Excellent Source Of Iodine and many many more


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