Friday, October 21, 2016

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Protective Stlyin'- Crochet Box Braids

I'm back at it again with another crochet braid style. I've been doing a lot of crochet braids because like natural hair they are so versatile. I decided to pre-braid instead of buying them already in the pack. The prices were outta control and there wasn't enough hair in the packs so I went the DIY route.

I bought 4 packs of X-pression at $4.99 a pack and 1 pack Bijoux at $1.79. My total came to $23.06 with tax.

X-pression claims the braids are
-100% Kanekalon Fiber
-Hot water braid possible
-Tangle free
-Easy brushing
-Easy separating

This hair is 82' in length. So with the hair folded in half I cut it and I got about 40' in length. That was still too long for me. Again I folded it in half, cut it, and got my desired length (about 20').

Bijoux brand didn't have much of a description. I bought it because it was the only gray hair available when I was there. This beauty supply store has wall to wall hair and I was surprised that they only had one brand of gray hair stocked.

Pre-braiding was time consuming but the install went by quickly. I had about 80 pre-braids and I didn't even use all of it. I think I would have spent close to $100 if I would have bought the pre-braided packs. I just hate how there's barely any hair in packs nowadays.

My braid pattern was similar to this style that I did in 2015. This time around my only problem was the bulkiness in the middle section. But you couldn't really tell unless you were being nosy. But I will try this style again later on with a different braid pattern.

Overall, I like doing crochet box braids than the individual ones I did before. I left the perimeter of my hair out for individual braids and braided the rest of my hair for crochet. I really like X-pression hair and I will be using them again because it was a breeze to work with. Bijoux was a pain but I was able to blend it in. There was a lot of shedding, it wasn't tangle free, and just a mess to work with. 


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