Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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Workout Of The Week- Three Legged Dog (Two Ways To Do)

I love me some yoga because it's one of those workouts I can do just about anywhere with no special equipments. Sometimes all I need is a mat and I'm good to go. The three legged dog pose is similar to the downward dog but a little more challenging.

-Stretches /Improves the inner and outer hips
-Improves balance
-Strengthens arms and core
-Calms the nervous system
-Relieves back pain, headaches, and more

I do this pose two ways. FYI- don't let these poses fool you, it will have you in tears. But not me though *thug sniffles*. To begin start off with the downward dog.

Heel On Mat- Raise your left leg and have your toes pointing to the ground. Your right leg heel is to remain flat on mat. Remain in position for 15-30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Tippy Toe- Raise your left leg and have your toes pointed to the sky. With your right leg lift your heel of mat. Remain in position 15-30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Make sure you're inhaling and try to do 2-3 reps. I'm working to better my posture but this was my best. I prefer doing the tippy toe version. I feel the burn more when I do it. *thug sniffles*


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