Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Green Light- Brittany

You don't necessarily have to go all out says this eco-sista

How long have you been eco-friendly? Ultimately, about 2 years.

Why did you choose to be eco-friendly? I don't know if I would use that label specifically but, I did notice a shift in myself to want better for our environment. Making decisions based off of the quality of my food choices, etc once I became a mother and realized that I want my daughter to have something to look forward to and that the only way that could be accomplished is by taking care of our earth.

What do you like about it? I like the fact that you do not necessarily have to go all out to be eco-friendly. For me, it's about making small changes that you can maintain for a long period of time versus getting all excited about the label and making changes that you know you will eventually quit committing to. 

Did you face any challenges?If so, what was/is the biggest obstacle(s)? My biggest obstacle I would say is the desire to do more but not necessarily knowing where to start. My goal is to start a small garden this summer with my daughter, Peyton. We are starting small with just herbs and stuff but to be totally transparent I almost killed the aloe vera plant I bought three weeks ago and I thought succulents are supposed to be darn near impossible to kill so I am a tad bit nervous to fail. LOL.

Any tips/advice for someone looking to be more eco-friendly? I am speaking to myself as much as anyone else with this but do not be afraid to fail. If your heart is in the right place it is all about baby steps in my opinion. Basically, when you know better you do better so just keep educating yourself and try to implement small changes in your household that can ultimately have a big impact on making the world a better place. 

Going green can be complex. This discourages a lot of people. There's really no "right" way it's basically trying to do something than nothing at all. I sometimes feel like a green hypocrite. Do you feel that way sometimes? Nope, not at all. I definitely know that there is more that I can do but my focus is just to be the best Brit I can be each and every day in all aspects of my life. Setting unrealistic expectations is a recipe for disaster and I just can not have that kind of energy in my atmosphere.

You know I gotta ask, How long have you been natural and how do you keep it so FLY? I have been natural for about three years but it happened by force because my hair was thinning at the crown. My beautician told me it would be best to stop perming my hair and the rest was history. I never looked back. I get a lot of inspiration from following Hone Be Natural Magazine on Instagram but have yet to really maintain our become an expert at doing my own natural hair. I rely a lot on crochet hair styles, YouTube, and braids in general to still feel fly while being natural.

Is there anything you like to add? I just want your readers to remember that it is just as important to take care of your temple on a mental, physical, and spiritual level as it is to take care of our earth. Balance is key and I know it is easier said than don but love yourself… really love yourself. It's a game changer. 


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