Saturday, May 7, 2016

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My Experience As A Food Festival Volunteer

I've been looking for more ways to have fun without breaking the bank. One way I was able to do so recently is something that I'm already familiar with doing and that's volunteering. Even though I've been to food festivals before this was my first time volunteering. In addition to volunteering my time, I didn't have to pay an admission fee and I received FREE food tickets to enjoy. Mmm… I'm liking these perks. 

I was able to meet other people doing the same. I didn't get to see and do all the activities because I was at the F & B ticket booth. I still enjoyed my first time experience though. It was a pretty easy thing to do. 

There were tons of food vendors. Although I wasn't able to try them all, I was glad to see what was out there so that I can incorporate in my own cooking. I indulged in a few but my favorite is...

Crab Avocado Mango Stack

I'm a seafood lover and I just had to try this. It was lump crabmeat with avocado mango salsa with other ingredients I can't think of because I was too busy being greedy. 


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