Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Book Review- Curly Halo

I'm here to review and introduce a book written by Kimberly Elise. Curly Halo: Your Natural Hair Care Reference Guide & Workbook is a book Kimberly wrote for women with kinky hair who want to learn how to grow healthy hair. This 80 page book is a quick and easy read. It's perfect for this challenge that I'm doing. Her goal for this book is to teach you how:

- to better understand your hair type
- to moisturize and condition your hair so it can retain moisture
- to design a hair regimen that yields growth retention rather than damage and more

Even though I've been natural for over 5 years, I was able to learn something new. I know there will always be new naturalistas who are looking for some guidance to haircare. Some of the info out there can be overwhelming and might cause you to give up. *I remember those days.* This book sounds like it will help you along your natural hair journey. I'm pretty sure some vets will find some new info that they weren't aware of. 

What I like about this book is the holistic and all natural/organic approach to haircare. As someone who is on this eco-friendly journey (which has it's ups and downs), I appreciate when I can find info I can relate to. There's also worksheets after some of the chapters to work with along your haircare journey. 

-Did you know jojoba oil is technically not an oil, but liquid plant wax?

-I know that we're constantly told to read the labels and if we can't pronounce the ingredients that we should throw put it back. However, as I was reading I found that some of the hard to pronounce ingredients are derived from natural sources. It's all about research and finding what best works for you. 

*KimberlyElise.com is offering CluelessCurl readers 50% off Curly Halo e-book here. For a limited time. Happy reading and healthy hair journey.*

Disclaimer: A representative from the KimberlyElise.com team reached out to me to review this book. Opinions expressed are my own.


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