Thursday, April 7, 2016


Protective Stylin'- Crochet Braids (Part 2)

This style is very similar to the first crochet braids I did last year. The only difference is I didn't leave out any hair. It was straight through braiding. I used 6 packs of Zury Marley Braid at $4.99 a pack and I had to improvise because 6 packs wasn't enough. Girl!!! Keep reading to find out how I *Tim Gunn voice* make it work.

So I did my braiding pattern, installing, and twisting along the way. At first I started out with 5 packs of hair and seriously thought it was enough. As I was getting to the last pack, I saw that it wasn't going to be enough. Before I went out I looked around to see if I had any leftover hair. Yes!!! I found some but it wasn't the same kind of hair. Boo!!!

It was more straight and not even suitable for twisting. But me being me I went ahead and made it twist by putting it in random sections around my head. I figured I can put these in, run out, and buy the one pack that I need to finish the process. Ha! That extra pack still wasn't enough. It was crazy to me because I was not filling in every single section and I had some gaps here and there. 

Anyways, I made it work even though I have some gaps you can't really tell unless you being nosy. The hair was easy to work with and not a lot of shedding. Once I was done, I added perm rods to the ends and dipped them in hot water. I'm satisfied with the results


  1. lovely i like it i have been wanting to try the crochet braiding but havent gotten around to doing it. a sew in is easier right now lol

    1. Thanks. I would love to see your results when you get the chance.