Monday, April 11, 2016

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Meatless Dish- Vegetarian Cobb Salad

The history of this salad goes back to 1937 when Robert Cobb owner of Brown Derby Restaurant went in the kitchen for a late night snack. It became an overnight success and this classic is enjoyed by many around the world. I decided to make a vegetarian version of this by using a few ingredients I got from the farmer's market. 

*strawberries are for another blog post* 

-Romaine Lettuce
-Blue Cheese

Wash, cut, slice, and dice fruits/veggies ahead of time. I chopped the romaine lettuce and mixed it with some arugula that I had leftover from a previous recipe. Then I simply started layering the ingredients. I also made my own salad dressing.

Salad Dressing
-Garlic (crushed)
-Olive Oil
-Red Wine Vinegar
-Salt and Pepper

Whisk ingredients in a bowl, pour over salad, and enjoy. 

*Can be made into a vegan salad by leaving out the cheese and eggs*


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