Tuesday, April 26, 2016


DIY- Strawberry Foot Scrub

I did a post using pineapple and now I'm using strawberries. 

-Brown Sugar
-Coconut Oil
-Peppermint Oil

Start by cutting off the stems and cut in pieces; put in a bowl and add remaining ingredients; use a fork to mash up (optional: you can also put in a blender); transfer to a container and massage your foot with it; be sure to get in between your toes, heels, and sides; leave it for about 2-3 minutes and rinse off.

*Strawberries have alpha-hydroxy acid and salicylic acid which helps to get rid of dead skin cells. 

*Brown Sugar great exfoliator

*Coconut Oil  *Jan Brady's voice* moisture, moisture, moisture 

*Peppermint Oil is optional but gave it a nice aroma

Fun Fact- Did you know that strawberries isn't a fruit or berry? It is a member of the Rose flower family. 

I made more than I needed because I was experimenting. But if you decide to make it you don't need to make a huge batch. Honestly, I prefer to eat the strawberries or any other fruit than to use it for this kind of project but it does work. 


  1. lovely post i have never herd of a strawberry scrub before very interesting thanks fro sharing this

    1. No prob! I was curious too when I saw that.