Sunday, February 28, 2016


My Transition To (Almost) All Natural/Organic Makeup

It's happening... I'm in transition to getting rid of the toxic ingredients I put on my face. Just like I'm concerned with what I put inside of my body, I can't ignore what goes on my body. There are two reasons why I'm transitioning. 1. I had two or more of the same items (I blog more about it on my journey to minimalism) and 2. It really irks my nerves how products that are made for us to enjoy is causing harm to our bodies. It's one of the reasons that I gradually started eliminating toxic products.

Call me paranoid but I believe there is a link in certain industries to keep us sick. Anyways, moving right along….

I make my own skincare products and if I had even more time I would make my own makeup. But things don't always work out the way I want. I also did a nail polish makeover. Did you know that you can get almost all natural nail polish remover? I've since been using Mineral Fusion's version.

The photo above is what my collection looks like now and I plan to keep it that way. Well… Ok... I just need to get a few more lip colors and I'll be set. Let's see what I have…

-Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette

-Bobbi Brown University Eye Palette

-Elf Eyelid Primer

-Physican's Formula Mineral Wear Blush Natural

-Bare Minerals in Warmth (I also have a little of the foundation but it will be gone soon)

-Buxom Marrakech

-Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick Plum Berry

-Obesessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lydia & Hoochie

-Tarte: Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara
           Amazonian Clay in Rich Honey
           Lipsurgence Fiery & Lively
           Tartiest Lip Paint Frenemy (one of my absolute favs)

I also have samples but I use those for travel and I will have a post on that soon when it comes to traveling.

Are you transitioning to all natural/organic makeup?


  1. Yay! Congrats on going green with your makeup! It is so worth. I would recommend that you take a look into to what greenwashing is and then select your products. When people start their green beauty journey, they are susceptible to buying products that look and seem clean and safe on the surface. But if you read the ingredient list, you'll be amazed at how "not so green" it is. YOu know where to find me if you need any product suggestions... Brown Skin Green Beauty FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest. Good luck!

    1. Thank You! I know what you mean about the greenwashing and I will def reach out to you about that. Take care.

  2. Super excited for your new journey! I agree with Monique reading labels is vital!

    1. Thank you so much! I will be paying close attention. I've already noticed the greenwashing with some of the "green" products I have.