Monday, February 1, 2016


Meatless Dish- "Clueless" Mystery Soup

Don't you hate when fresh produce goes bad? I've been using and cooking with a lot of fresh ingredients. I love it, but end up hating it because of how quick they spoil. Kale, Tomatoes, and Onions don't give me too much problems because I'm constantly using/cooking with them. But cabbage and arugula, gives me mucho problema.

So instead of getting mad I gathered them all up to make soup. I've been making a lot of soup recipes lately and it was perfect timing. This wasn't a new favorite, but I enjoyed it. The broth and dumplings were my favorite part of the soup.

-Vegetable Broth
-Vegetable Bouillon
-Olive Oil

Heat stove medium heat; add olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes; add cut potatoes let cook for a few minutes; add broth, bouillon, and seasonings; add the vegetables and dumplings.