Saturday, January 16, 2016

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Random Pics- Jan 2016

I ran a 10k on the first day of 2016

Trying to get my finances right

"Clueless" at the Hard Rock in Tampa

I tried a new gel but my hair didn't like it. No matter how I tried it (wet hair, dry hair, four day old hair) my hair was like… What don't you understand? The only style my hair would "tolerate" is when it was in a bun. Hump! *Michelle Tanner voice* How rude!!!

So instead of getting mad I got creative and...

1- I decided to do a simple bun but was having a hard time putting all my hair into one big bun so...

2- I parted my hair in two from ear to ear then
3- gelled the back, brushing along the way, and used a hair tie to put that in a bun then 

4- I continued with step 3 for the front part of my hair then I 

5- went out with a bang by adding a big, bright, obnoxious bow and I was good to go 


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