Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Protective Stylin'- Crochet Braids: Cuban Twist Blow Out

My first protective style for the new year. This was my first time doing this style so take a look at what I did.

-Cuban Twist 16" (I bought 5 packs but only used 4 at $5.99 a pack)
-Blow Dryer With Comb Attachment (highest setting)
-Paddle Brush
-Crochet Needle
-Hair Clips
-Combs (rat tail, wide tooth, and razor)
-Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade (to help with blow drying and add shine)
-Curling Iron (optional- IF you have a comb attachment you don't need a curling iron. I was using it at first but quickly noticed the blow dryer doing an excellent job on its own. But if you don't have an attachment, use a curling iron where you can control the temperature otherwise you will end up burning the hair. *Keep in mind this is not human hair*.

The videos below helped me with a braiding pattern

This one showed different angles of a braiding pattern but I couldn't get the connecting part right so…

I used this method when it came to connecting the braids at the top of my head for parting. It was easier for me to do. Starts at the 5:00 mark.

Before I continued all the way with the installation, I tested it out. I first used my paddle brush, starting from the ends and gently brushing all the way up. I then added the sugar pomade to the hair and began the blow out process. Again, starting from the ends and gently working my way up and repeating throughout my hair. Whew!!! I was happy with the results and continued to install and blow out as I went along. 

Doing this allowed me to see where I was and if I missed a spot I would go back and install. When I got to the top part of my head, I took one pack of hair and cut the strands of hair in half which gave me 8" hair. I did that to get some layers and it would be easier for me to cut when I use the razor comb. The video below explains a better understanding starting at the 1:59 mark she also demonstrates how to do the invisible part method.


Middle Part

I was looking at the pictures I took and noticed a difference with the invisible parting. I'm right handed and I did the left side way better than the right. 

I mostly wear side parts and it looked way better than the middle part. Just wanted to share the differences. I know I'll get better at doing invisible parts once I do them more often. I still think I did a pretty good job considering this was my first time doing this style.

*This hair looks and feels like natural hair
*Easy to install
*Versatile- Creating different styles was easy for me to do. All I used was water or my homemade spritz. I was able to achieve effortless beach waves by simply putting my hair two pigtail braids. I also got some nice soft curls by using my curlformers. Lastly, I did a "dry rollerset" and got a nice bounce from it. Next up is flexi rods. Wish me luck that's one style I haven't been able to accomplish.

-This hair sheds A LOT. I thought there wasn't going to be any hair left when I was brushing it out.
-The blow out process took forever and a day because the attachment kept falling off from the dryer. 

Overall, I really loved the results and would definitely use this hair for a different style. I don't know about doing a blow out again. When I was done blowing the hair out, some of it was touching my tailbone. That was just way too long for me. The hair is very lightweight and I wasn't annoyed by it. I look forward to playing with it some more. 


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