Saturday, January 30, 2016


Product Review- Eco Tools Smoothing Detangler

I recently tried this paddle brush from EcoTools when I did this style, and I was so impressed with it that I decided to do a review. 

Product Claims: Smoothing Detangler with unique bristle system quickly smoothes as it gently detangles leaving hair beautifully healthy. 

*EcoVent design dries hair 20% faster for less heat damage
*Frizz and static fighting design
*Ultra lightweight for comfort smoothing and styling
*Anti-tangle design 
*Nurtures hair and scalp

I'm not gonna lie, I almost didn't purchase this brush because of the design. I kept looking at it like it wouldn't get the job done. It's different from the paddle brushes that I'm used to. But since I'm a don't knock it till you've tried it kind of person I went ahead and got it. I'm on this journey to be more eco-friendly and finding companies that are in line with what my journey is about is a plus for me. 

I haven't really used it on my own hair but it did a wonderful job detangling the cuban twist hair. As I was detangling it, I did get a little concern because I saw a lot of hair on the brush. But I quickly realized that it was the hair itself that sheds a lot. So far I'm satisfied with it and will be using it for other styles.


  1. I love using a paddle brush especially when i wear extensions it works amazing.

  2. I've been looking for a brush for a while, I finger detangle and though I'm getting faster, it still takes a long time. I do have a boar brush and a wooden tooth brush but thy're not great for detangling. I recently had the honor of being nominated for the Liebster award. Check it out when you get a sec and pass it on to another blogger.

    1. Give it a try it just might work. Thanks for stopping by.