Saturday, December 5, 2015

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DIY- Mason Jar Snow Globes

It's that time of the year again to get your crafty swag on. I've been getting crafty for awhile now and each year I try to find new and exciting projects to make. This time I did "snow globes". I went down a rabbit hole known as YouTube and the tutorials were easy peasy. That's my kind of projects. Take a look.  

-Distilled Water
-Vegetable Glycerin
-Mason Jars
-Snow Flakes
-Assorted Pine Trees
-Gorilla Glue

I bought the last 5 items at Michael's with coupon in hand. The mason jars I got at the dollar store.

Clueless Tip- Be sure to soak the trees before getting started. If you look at the main pic above (far right), you can see how one of the globes look all purplish in color. That's the first one I did that wasn't soaked well enough. So, I soaked the others until I saw the water was clear. If you're interested in doing this project I highly recommend soaking the trees so that it won't "bleed".

Also don't use tap water. From what I saw on a few videos that I watched, distilled water works best so that bacteria won't form.

The ones that are standing is what they looked like after I soaked them. I noticed that they were very dry looking afterwards. Don't be alarmed by the dryness. Trust me it will look normal once you're done with your project. The one laying down is what they all look like before being soaked. A very nice evergreen color but it "bleeds" real bad if not soaked prior to doing this kind of project.  

Ok, one more tip. I went with two types of glues as a just in case. They both were a bit messy but I prefer the gorilla glue. It gave a good sealing when I went to seal the top part of the jars and gave it a cool look that I wasn't expecting. It looked liked "melting snow" running down the jars.

*take pine trees (after they've been soaked) and glue it to cap (see above pic of trees they were already soaked and glued in)

*while you're waiting for glue to set add your sequins and snow flakes in mason jars (how much you want to add is up to you)

*add water and glycerin

*once glue is set insert cap with the trees into jar 

*seal the outer areas with glue then add the ring and seal again to make sure it doesn't leak. 

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