Monday, October 19, 2015

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Meatless Dish- Asparagus, Mushrooms, & Celery Soup

I've been keeping up with my theme of trying and cooking new things to eat. So, when I saw a recipe for asparagus soup I did the usual side eye. LOL! I scanned the ingredients list and looked at what I had on hand and gave it a try. The recipe didn't call for some of the ingredients listed like mushrooms. I added them in because it was about to go bad and I didn't want to throw them away.

I'm glad I tried this recipe because it came out better than I expected. I really, really enjoyed it and I'll be making this more often. Yummers!

-Bell Peppers
-Jalapeno Peppers
-Vegetable Broth
-Vegetable Bouillion
-Seasoned Salt
-Olive Oil
-Fresh Basil (optional)

Chop up all the vegetables; Heat pot on medium heat and add olive oil; add garlic, jalapeƱo peppers, and onions; let cook for about 2-3 minutes; add your vegetables and cook until softened adding seasonings along the way; add veggie broth; let it cool down; puree the soup in a blender and return to stove to be heated. Garnish with basil.


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