Friday, September 18, 2015

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Protective Stylin'- Bunnin' With A Bang!

I went out with a bang after I did this style. I was going to cut it shorter but got scissor happy. As I was cutting I kept thinking what style I should do next. I knew I didn't want anything touching my neck, my back, my…. (why does it sound like that song?). Anyways, I had some leftover braiding hair and I put a ponytail holder in the middle and started twisting the hair. 

I did my normal wash day routine and went to work with a simple style. All I used to achieve this style was Curls Passion Fruit Gel (mostly for my edges) and Aloe Vera Gel. I brushed my hair up in a ponytail and flat ironed the front using the chasing comb method. I also had the help of bobby pins to pin my hair in place.

Day one of this style had me feeling myself but I live in hell Florida and my hair frizzed up. But I didn't get mad no matter how many times this weather tries me. The next day I simply flat twisted the front and got some cute curls and was still feeling myself. Well… only for a few hours. This Florida weather is a trip.


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