Friday, September 4, 2015

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Product Review- Snacks 101

I was sent some snacks to review from Snacks 101. Per the site it's the first baked popcorn made with coconut oil. I first saw them while I was at Big Lots and was intrigued so I had to try. They only had two flavors on the shelf (smoky chipotle and sea salt). I went with chipotle. I think I was dodging people left and right not wanting to share. Don't judge me please. 

Anyways, I went online to see what other flavors they had. I reached out to see if I can get some samples of the other flavors. I got a quick reply back and they were on my way. When the shipment arrived I didn't expect to get full sized samples of each but I did and I'm not putting in a complaint. :)

The flavors sent to me were Purely Sea Salt, Sweet & Spicy Sriracha, Smokey Chipotle, and White Cheddar. Each are made with Whole Grains, No Trans Fat, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, No Preservatives, and the best part is after you're done eating there's no messy greasy residue. 

Overall, I love that this is an all natural snack that doesn't leave me with the "I should've never eaten that" feeling. If I had to choose my favorite it would be smokey chipotle followed by white cheddar. The only thing is if you're interested in trying, you might not be able to find in your local grocery store. It would have to be done online or like I mentioned before I found them at Big Lots.  


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