Friday, September 11, 2015


"Clueless" Company Alert- January Baby

I want to introduce January Baby for those who are interested in finding new companies to support. I spoke with Nikkia who is the owner of January Baby, and she shared how it all started when she returned to natural. After experimenting, trails, and errors, she found a combination of ingredients that gave her a great product that her JB Rockstars love.  

An all natural ingredient combination of Shea Butter, Capuacu and/or Mango butter with a mix of carrier oils that can be used on the skin and hair. I love products that pulls double duty.  

January Baby is offering the first 10 CluelessCurl readers one FREE small jar with fragrance of your choice when you make a purchase. To receive your FREE jar mention this blog post when you place your order AND in the comment section of this post ONLY let me know what your fragrance of choice is. Click here to place your order.  Good Luck!


  1. I love this feature! I love JanuaryBaby18! Do you have a favorite fragrance? That's a great offer! I don't have a favorite yet! I want to try the lemongrass next!

    1. I don't have one yet but I was eyeballing lavender. Thanks for stopping by!