Tuesday, July 28, 2015


DIY- Make-Up Brush Cleaner

Since I've been playing around with make-up a little more, I noticed that my brushes aren't up to par like they used to. Lately, they've been feeling like paint brushes. The culprit is the creme foundations and eyeshadows I've been using recently. When I went to wash using my normal routine, the build-up just wasn't coming off.

Think… Think…Think! Ah-Ha! I got it. I make my own cleaning products (for basic cleaning, heavy duty is a whole 'nother blog post) and one ingredient stuck out to me. I said to myself, why don't I mix it with soap and see how it goes. It worked and those brushes were back to normal. That ingredient is vinegar. Who knew?

I mixed the vinegar with liquid soap and let the brushes soak for a bit in a container. Then I washed them out using the liquid soap and letting the brushes air dry. I said a thank you because I was not in the mood to buy new make-up brushes.

I purchased Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap (Honeysuckle scent) for $3.99 plus tax at Target. This product was full of natural goodness like essential oils, aloe vera, and olive oil just to name a few. I liked the smell of it versus the other ones they had on the shelf.


  1. Great idea! Vinegar is such a good disinfectant. I clean at home only with natural ingredients. Use vinegar almost everyday for cleaning. Thank you for sharing this great post! Greetings!

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