Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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Protective Stylin'- Micro Braids

I'm still going strong with this challenge and this is style #3. Summer is around…. Ha! I live in FL and it's summer 365. A lot of us naturalistas are doing protective styles this season. My style of choice is micro braids and I didn't do them extremely small. I originally planned on doing crochet braids.

2 packs of French Bulk 14" @ $15.99 each

What had happen was… the hair I bought is not crochet braid friendly. I was a little disappointed in that. My hair was all braided up and ret ta go, but it kept sliding off. Oh boy! Hmm… I'm pretty sure after watching that YT video that's the kind of hair that was used. Anyways, I didn't get discouraged.

I simply unbraided my hair and decided on doing micros instead. This is not a full head of hair, I used one whole pack and 1/4 of the other pack. The parting is similar to this style. I also made sure not to put too much tension on my edges. I forgot to take pictures of the style when I was done, because I was so eager to see what it can do. Take a look at the cluelessness….

I got my flat iron and went to work. I first parted my hair in sections. Then parted that section into smaller sections. Spritzing (mixed with water, vitamin e oil, peppermint, and rosemary oil) that section, flat ironed it, and put the rollers on. 

-Hair is lightweight
-Versatile (except crochet braiding)
-Flat Iron friendly

-Not crochet braiding friendly

To get this look, I used my spritz again not over saturating it and installed the curlformers. The next day I had some really nice soft curls.

Overall, I really like this hair. It allowed my scalp to breathe and wasn't suffocating it. Even when I had on a hat, I didn't feel the need to take it off.


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