Tuesday, May 26, 2015


My Journey To A Minimalist Lifestyle

We all know the saying less is more, and I'm a firm believer that we can do more with less. We live in a society that tells us MORE and BIGGER is better and makes us happier. That may be true but honestly... it gives temporary satisfaction. Can you guess what happens when that satisfaction wears off? We go out and buy more and bigger to replace the item before.

And…. the cycle continues. Truth is the more stuff we own, the more it owns us and it doesn't make us any happier. I'm on the journey to de-cluttering and getting rid of unnecessary stuff. I'm human and I like nice things but I need to make room for things that really matter. If more and bigger is suppose to make me happy…. why can't I find the space for it? That's really pissing me off.

Just like there's no right way to go green the same goes for minimalism. I started small and went from there. I saw that I had two or more of the same items, and I simply got rid of or donated them. That's what I did with my nail polish makeover. I also did the same with makeup and lip products.

I had so much of the same items. I barely touched or forgot about most of them because I kept buying new items. When my makeup bag wouldn't zip up, that was a sign telling me to tighten up. I knew it was time to start de-cluttering. It was a small step in the right direction.

*Reminiscing on how it all started….*

I have a folder, it's not a fancy looking folder but in it are gems (brochures, newspaper clippings, short articles, etc) I found along the way. Several years ago, when I was going over my account I noticed some discrepancies. I called the bank, explained the situation and *in my Diddy voice* I told them to Fix that… Fix that… Fix that. After doing their own investigation they later credited my account.

Ever since then I've been soaking up all the information I can about getting my finances in order. Funny how all it took was this one incident for me to get the ball rolling. It's not bad bad (why did I say that twice?) but making some changes was needed or else it would be bad bad (here I go again). There were times where I was maxing out my credit cards and carrying around those unnecessary store credit cards. Instead of brown bagging my lunch, I was out eating artery cloggers EVERY single day. Grocery shopping without a list lead to more impulsive spending.

Fast forward to now… I only have one credit card, I rarely go out to eat, and I shop with a list. I've gotten so good at shopping with a list, that when I walk into the store I know from memory what I need to get. The main goal is to save money when it comes to buying meat. Meat is the most expensive of grocery items and that's why I'm a vegetarian once a week or more with Meatless Mondays.


TIME- You'll have time to do things that really matters like... less time cleaning and fixing because you got rid of items that you don't really need, exercising, eating healthier, and traveling.

SPACE- Ouch! No more bumping into things. When you de-clutter you can enjoy the extra space. You'll be able to find things more quickly and easily.

STRESS FREE ZONE- Less worrying about finding space for this new item that was suppose to make you happy.

SAVE MONEY- You resist the urge of "keeping up with the Joneses" and become better at buying QUALITY over quantity. Yes to my Financial Freedom!

I'm not cheap just thrifty. Here are a few things that you really don't need to pay for.

*Internet- Free WiFi is pretty much everywhere you go, and if you have a smartphone with personal hotspot... take advantage of it.

*Cable- I stopped paying for cable when I realized I was paying to watch shows that caused me to lose many brain cells. There are plenty of shows/movies/documentaries that can be watched online or you can check them out at the library. Yes, not only can you check out books but you can also check out movies from the library. It's free sign up for a library card today!

*Gym Memberships- I've never had a gym membership (I almost did). A lot of the workouts can easily be done at home. You just have to make the time for it. You can also check out some workout DVD's from the library. These are some of my go to "lazy" workouts with no membership required.

*Bottled Water- Did you know that most bottled water IS tap water? Yeah…. I was shocked too.


  1. Have you ever thought about writing a follow-up post to this one? I'd be curious to know how else you've simplified your life and if you've changed your mind about any of these tips. :)

    1. Yes! I will have a follow up to this. As of right now still following through with what I'm doing. Thanks.