Saturday, May 9, 2015

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Green Light- Serena

An eco-sista who says do what you can and accept that you are doing your part

How long have you been eco-friendly? For about 4 years

Why did you choose to be eco-friendly? I was already a holistic health practitioner (a massage therapist). I wanted to expand on natural health so I started an online natural health & nutrition program. The program covered basic nutrition as well as natural healing foods and choosing certain foods to stay healthy. The program also covered natural products to use to clean in the home as the usual products on the store shelves can be toxic to both our health and the environment.  

What do you like about it? I like the fact that you don't need anything fancy and expensive to maintain your health naturally. Many of the things that you need are in the produce section of your grocery store or you can grow right in your own backyard if you choose to do so.

Did you face any challenges?If so, what was/is the biggest obstacle(s)? I haven't really had many big challenges. I still can go in regular grocery stores to find what I need since many grocery stores are now conscious of families looking for better alternatives. My family has also accepted and embraced the changes we've made to our food, medicinal, and cleaning products.

Any tips/advice for someone looking to be more eco-friendly? Take it one step at a time or else you can become overwhelmed. Put together a list of what you want to change and switch out your products/food a little bit at a time. It will also help if you have kids as it won't be such a big change all at once. 

Going green can be complex. This discourages a lot of people. There's really no "right" way it's basically trying to do something than nothing at all. I sometimes feel like a green hypocrite. Do you feel that way sometimes? Yes, of course. It is way too stressful to try to do everything green all the time. You just got to do what you can when you can do it and accept that you are doing your part. If at the end of the day you are doing what you can then that is good enough.

You know I gotta ask, How long have you been natural and how do you keep it so FLY? I transitioned for a year and a half first. I have been all natural for about a year now. My last relaxer was January 2012. I use aloe vera juice, shea butter, and Shea Moisture products

Is there anything you like to add? Thank you for having me!


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