Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Product Review- Strewn Ice Wine

I was introduced to ice wine on my trip to Toronto. I was intrigued with the tastings and bought a full sized bottle to start my ice wine journey. I've heard about it before but never really paid attention to it. This kind of wine is very sweet and is more of a dessert wine. It was interesting reading how ice wine got started. 

From what I researched so far, there's a very well known story about a German winemaker who was away from his vineyard during harvest, when he returned all his grapes were frozen. He wasn't discouraged so he continued with the fermentation process. Doing that resulted in the first ice wine and the rest is history. The making of ice wine is rooted in Europe but Canada has been the top producer when it comes to ice wine offerings. 

I tried the Cabernet 2013 Sweet Red Wine

Per the description: Exuberant aromas and flavors of candied cherry, watermelon, and berries interplay with perfume floral nuances. The palate is full of lush sweetness and backed by striking acidity.

My experience was pretty good. I'm not good with all the pairing with this, pairing with that. My wine will be paired up with what I have at that time. My only complaint is the level of alcohol that was missing. 

Have you ever tried ice wine? Did you like it or nah?


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