Monday, February 9, 2015

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My 10K Update

I'm still in training mode for my first 10K run in the meantime... I've been running 5K races. It's a little frustrating not being able to find longer races in my area. I can easily find 5K's but it looks like I have to start planning day trips. Anyways, I've ran two 5K's so far. Check 'em out….

Calusa Nature Center- Bug Chase 5K

This was a run with nature. I didn't like the course route. The first half of the race runners went through a very narrow path where we were literally running behind each other. It was still a good run though.

 Publix- Run To The Arts 5K

Of all the races I've ran this one is my favorite. It was interactive and inspirational. After the race there was a scrumptious breakfast and runner's were invited to take part in their creativity. The photo above is part of the Silk Experience. An experience where you get to paint on silk using watercolors. It was the coolest thing.

Before and After of a painting I did
(Funky Palm Trees)

Once the awards were given out, I stayed a while to enjoy the ArtFest and walked into a booth that featured a local art studio. I heard of it before and always wanted to check it out but never did. I thought I wouldn't enjoy it. I was so wrong about that.  

Amazing prizes were given away. No, I didn't win. Bummer! But I got some goodies like a towel, rally wear, and a really good time.

I was so inspired.


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