Friday, January 9, 2015


My "Daily" Reading Challenge

I'm trying to get my brain cells back together and what better way to do so by forcing challenging myself to read more. My kind of reading is quick reads like short articles, newspapers, newsletters, blogs, etceteras. This year I'm taking it up a notch by "trying" to read everyday for about an hour. I'll be going to the library checking out books or searching the web for sites offering FREE books to read. Is it cheating if I get audio books?


-Boost Your Vocabulary
-Reduces Stress
-Improves Your Memory
-Encourages You To Stick To Your Goals
-Helps To Be More Analytical (I don't know about that, the way my IQ is set up)
-and so much more


  1. That sounds like a good challenge. I think I'll be doing that as well. I used to read NPR and the BBC daily, but that changed to every other day. Time to switch it up.

    1. Cool!!! So far so good for me. I recently found out about a diversity reading challenge. It's where you get to read books from different categories. Like an author of color (I've got my eye on a few already), an author who comes out, and more. I thought it would be a great way to see from a different perspective. Thanks for joining. If you have any recommendations please feel free to share.