Thursday, December 18, 2014


Product Review- Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade

I first fell in love with Oyin when I went to the Baltimore Hair Show. The one product that I really like a lot is the pomade. I remember the original container it came in and it reminded me of an old school hair grease. It's finally being sold in select Target stores and that makes me very happy.


I purchased the 4 oz container at $14 and some change. I mainly use the pomade to seal my ends. It has a nice sweet scent and is not too greasy. It gives my hair shine and leaves it well moisturized. I haven't had any oily residue issue with this product. 

A little really goes a long way. I'm a sucker for products that last forever and a day.That means me and my pocketbook are getting along great. It's an all natural/organic product made with quality ingredients that I don't need to waste my time researching.  


  1. Haha! The old school container really does look like a hair grease one with that metal twist off top.

    I use Oyin's Hair Dew and really enjoy it. I thought it would be too light but it works. I haven't tried the pomade yet, but I might when it's time to stock up again. Thanks for the review!

    1. Yes that container took me back. I've seen some good reviews on the hair dew. Thanks for commenting, glad you like the review. When you stock up I'd love to know how you like the pomade. Later