Monday, December 8, 2014


Epis(Haitian Herb Blend)

If you're looking for some flavor this is the blend for you. Thanks to Barbara for hooking me up with her site. It's a database for Haitian recipes. This blend is used to marinade meats ahead of time for the delicious meal you are about to cook. I remember this being a staple when my mom would make her dishes. YUM!!!

-Bell Peppers
-Seasoned Salt
-Tomato Paste
-Olive Oil
-Vegetable Bouillon
*Blender/Food Processor*

Chop above ingredients transfer half to blender adding vinegar and olive oil in small amounts. Slowly add remaining ingredients until you have your desired consistency.

This was my first time making Epis. Let me tell you, the smell of fresh ingredients had me reminiscing of all the tasty dishes that was going in my tummy. I can't wait to get started with what I'm about to make.

*I'm an eyeball the situation kind of cook. Which is why I don't always list measurement amounts. I would stop and add more of this or less of that then taste it until I'm satisfied with the situation.*


  1. I'm on board with everything except the bell pepper. That looks like it would make a nice marinade for chicken.

    1. Awesome!!! Let me know how it comes out. Thanks for stopping by.