Monday, November 10, 2014

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It's My Twitterversary

Hip-Hip Hooray! I know, here I go again celebrating. I joined twitter a year ago and it has been a remarkable experience. It is a very POWERFUL tool. A great tool to educate, inspire, create, entertain, and make connections. It's amazing what technology can do.

As always I was late getting on board with it. But, as the saying goes better late than never. I can't believe how much I was missing out on. I thought it was going to be a waste of time. Truth be told time was being wasted alright.

But in a way where I was making connections, learning, being inspired, sharing, and LMFAO. It's like being at the club, comedy show, and classroom all at the same time. Whew! That's just some of what it feels like. I don't have cable so it's an activity I thoroughly enjoy without having to spend $$$. That's how I roll.

When it comes to news and info twitter is my source. Even though I follow a few news outlets, most of the time I'm scrolling right past them. Reason being, nobody can tell our stories the way that we can. There are some interesting characters on twitter. I tell you some tweets is my cue to either log off or stay on just a little bit longer. Cuz……

Some have you stock up on popcorn watching and waiting for those gem of a tweet

Others love 'em or hate 'em you keep coming back

 Then you have the WTF???

I'm fresh off learning the natural hair lingo now I had to learn (twitter lingo) all over again. I tell you everyday there's some new word, acronym, or hashtag. My clueless self couldn't keep up. Twitter has 140 character word limit and I understand the need to shorten tweets but I was so lost in the beginning.

OOMF- One Of My Followers
ICYMI- In Case You Missed It (guess who's using this a lot now)
RT- ReTweet (I was mad at myself how did I miss that)
BAE- Before Anyone Else (I seriously thought it was a shortened version of Baby)
THOT- That Hoe Over There (I just… I just… SMDH)

These were just some of what made it hard for me to follow. I'm not ashamed to admit. Hey, I was learning as I go. And I'm still learning. Can someone tell me why would I mute someone when I can simply unfollow? The saga continues… Anyways some tweets or hashtags have

Powerful messages

Others keep mess going and serves no purpose

I be minding my business then here comes those tweets

These hashtags OMG!!! Really had me...

*On a serious note the following hashtags will have you, how can I say... you know what just check it out*


To all those fighting the good fight being a voice for the voiceless...

Hang in there! You never know who you're inspiring and you are appreciated

Me, when it's time to log off

Stay clueless with me @CluelessCurl and also check me out in action as the twitter administrator for the Natural Hair Blog Directory

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