Thursday, October 2, 2014

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My Self-Discovery Experience

The more you know yourself the less you care what others think I love it I look forward to this challenge

A tweet I sent to GG in reference to the challenge and dared myself to be a part of it. It was time to get out of my comfort zone. Being in that zone sometimes hindered me from growing and I end up having regrets. It was a special kind of daring that allowed me to be in a judgement-free zone, share, and connect with even more awesome people. It really meant a lot to me.

Once the challenge was over I didn't stop with it. I'm continuing on with my own self-discovery challenge. I blogged about the challenge here and sharing my tweets. Those who participated received a daily prompt explaining what the exercise is for the day. Take a look at my 30 day responses below!

Day 1:
Continue: Being awesome let it go I can't continue by holding on to something that wasn't meant to be. Life goes on

Stop: Tolerating foolishness and end the doubting

Start: Saying YES to the things I said no to and NO to the things I said yes to. It's about balance and what makes me happy

Day 2:
Joy Snatchers: Over thinking certain situations. Some things are beyond your control 

Day 3:
Favorite Mistake: Hmmm.... The experiences I went through could have easily destroyed me but I took another route instead

Day 4:
100%: I'm going to be looking out for me. That doesn't mean I'm selfish. I'm just tired of being tired

Day 5:
Representative: My (clueless) personality was not seen. Opening it more lately and feels like a weight has been lifted

Day 6:
Don't Fix Me, Love Me: I hated showing my forehead. I was always covering it. Returning to natural changed my view and...

Day 7:
Gratitude: I'm grateful for my creativity, curiosity, eagerness, and more

Day 8:
Saving Face: Telling myself my opinion didn't matter

Day 9:
For Sure: I know if I keep going and believe in what I'm doing it will get better. My intentions are good.

Day 10:
Abundance: I have the power to overcome

Day 11:
Praise: Didn't give myself credit for creativity blogging has helped me get out of comfort zone looking to see where it go

Day 12:
Been There, Done That: Weird, abnormal, and my all time favorite she has "issues". Other peoples opinions doesn't define me

Day 14:
MirrorMirror: My legs are my least favorite feature. They help me with my running and I've been getting better not bad :)

Day 15:
Gotta Testify:I yearn for like minded people feels good not to 'splain myself b/c we get each other & I'm thankful for that

Day 16:
OutsideTheBox:Goal never really shared I'm technically challenged it bothered me a lot blog helped get out of comfort zone

Day 17:
ClearingTheAir: *off to go write a letter* girl you got me writing. Is cussing allowed? :)

Day 18:
TheFWord:I forgive myself for thinking I don't deserve & not believing. Yes it's scary but you never know if you don't try

Day 19:
WhenIThinkOfHome: Is when I'm surrounded by people who get me. We get each other and no one is forced to be uncomfortable

Day 20:
Two Colums: I love to cook, connecting with like minded people, working out, laugh instead of crying

I'm good at being out of the box, that helps me be creative with what I love to do. Which makes me more of an awesome person

Day 21:
OhHappyDay:I'd spend the day in a place where I can enjoy the seasons Ecstatic 2 be in good company reminiscing & good food

Day 22:
Metaphor: Visualizing the color purple it brings me joy, peace, & wearing it helps me express my individuality

Day 23:
Limitations&Affirmations:Not pretty, smart, or rich enough. Stop it with the limitations. I am enough & unique in my ways

Day 24:
Heartstrings: Materialism, There's nothing wrong with wanting nice things but appreciate what you have VS what you don't.

Day 25:
Authenticity: Staying true 2 myself sometimes society & media makes it hard b/c of the stereotypes but I know who I am

Day 26:
ThankYou:2 all whose been called weird & the introverts thanks 4 the positive energy it's needed when I feel like giving up

Day 27:
Lurking: All those fighting the good fight being a voice for the voiceless you are appreciated it means a lot 2 me

Day 28:
Two Columns: Healthy journey=Makes me feel good Connect with like minds =No more toxic people Grow=Become a better person

Day 29:
Hi, MyNameIs… Maggi, I'm obsessed with words of inspiration, living healthy lifestyle, & connecting with like minded people

Day 30:
CONTINUE:Being awesome let it go What's not meant 2 be is not helping me with awesomeness Life goes on & it will get better.

STOP: I want to stop tolerating foolishness and stop doubting myself. I can do it!

START: Saying YES 2 the things I said no 2 & NO 2 the things I said yes 2. It's about balance & what makes me happy

The Journey Still Continues….


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