Monday, October 20, 2014

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I Went Camping

I finally got the chance to go camping. Something I've always wanted to do but was afraid to take the steps in making it happen. I know, what's so scary about camping. Well for me, I had this crazy idea that I'd be attacked by bears, deers, or panthers. Blame the news stories for that. I was like... you see that's why I don't wanna go camping.  

I knew about the opportunity earlier but decided not to go. Not because of the thought of being attacked. I just didn't have all the equipment needed for a camping trip. So one day I got a text asking if I'm going. I texted back- No. I later received another one- Please come, I have a tent... you can borrow it. 

That was a sign telling me to GO! You can't knock something you've never tried. Here's how my clueless adventure in the great outdoors went. 



Chateau De CluelessCurl

Having breakfast on this cold morning. 

The first night of camping was Brrr!!! But once I got in my sleeping bag my body heat kept me warm. I slept like a baby until…. You wanna know the scary part about camping? Being awaken in the middle of the night by snoring, farting, and people who just won't go to sleep.

Beautiful lake view

Enjoying the view on the "porch"


Camping is not complete without a campfire and s'mores

If Big Foot can do it so can I. The day came to go home. Before doing so I made sure to keep the site the way I found it. I was a guest and didn't want to trash the place. When you respect nature it will respect you. 

It was fun and exciting getting there and enjoying the activities. But the take down... oh my goodness. The tent was wet and it wasn't even raining. It was because of the dew points. So, it was a bit messy taking the tent down. But overall I enjoyed my camping experience. 

This trip taught me to appreciate what I have even more. The things we take for granted. Water and light truly was a must on this trip. I also learned that freshwater fish like hot dogs. I thought worms were the only bait. 

It also felt good not being online for a few days. Only because I couldn't get a connection. But seriously I was not bothered and was soaking in nature. This has inspired me to get an RV and drive cross country (except for Hawaii, I'll have to fly) seeing all 50 states. It will happen one day. It's on my bucket list.

Have you been camping? What was your experience like?


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