Sunday, October 26, 2014

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DIY- Makeup

I've always wanted to make my own and finally had the chance to do so. I bought the cornstarch for another DIY but it didn't go as planned. So, I researched what kind of trouble I can get into and makeup was the winner.

-Cocoa Powder
-Bentonite Clay (Tip- never mix clay in metal bowl or use metal spoon)

I used half a teaspoon of each. I didn't want to make too much just in case I didn't like the results.

Almost done mixing

My face was smelling like cinnamon but it didn't last long. I was impressed. It blended well with my skin tone. I didn't end up looking like a soul food cook by the end of the day. When I wear my everyday mineral makeup, I'm constantly blotting my T-zone area. With the one I made, I noticed my shiny nose was the area that needed blotting. 

My only problem is I didn't get enough coverage. If you look in the middle of my five head you'll see a faded dark spot. I went back and added more cocoa to the mix and see if it would help. It didn't. But I enjoyed experimenting. 


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