Thursday, October 23, 2014

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DIY- Bug Spray

I recently went on a camping trip and this came in very handy. As I was going over the list of things to bring, I noticed I didn't have any bug spray. Living in FL I knew it was an absolute must. I wasn't going to slather or spray some smelly toxic chemical on my body. I did what I do best! I went on La La Land to get some ideas. 

Reading is FUNdamental. While browsing I found some interesting articles on mosquitoes. Fun Facts:

-There are several different types of mosquitoes (in the thousands) 
-Male mosquitoes don't bite they feed on flower nectar
-Female mosquitoes bite humans and animals they need the protein for their eggs
-If you're a beer drinker consider yourself a new BFF  
-These 'lil creatures are the deadliest animals on earth because they carry a number of deadly diseases

What you will need:
-Spray bottle

Witch Hazel

Essential Oils (lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary)

-Add equal parts water and witch hazel to the spray bottle. 
-Then add 20 drops of each oil. 

This spray really worked and smells wonderful. Mosquitoes hate certain scents. I was sure to find a mix to keep them away. Drinking lots of water helps too. I had some leftover from the trip and I'm using it as an air freshener. Oh how I love double duty products.


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