Monday, September 29, 2014

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Whole Foods Dropping Their Prices?

Whole Foods has a reputation for being overpriced which gives them the name Whole Paycheck. A name they are trying to shake off. I remember my first time trying to do some grocery shopping. Yeah that never really happened because I made a quick U-turn out. My goodness! Why so expensive?

Word is they are bringing down their prices. Reason being, major competition and their bottom line is suffering. I was recently in Whole Foods and didn't really see any lowering of prices. I spent most of my time clutching my pearls. The only thing(s) I get from there are non-food related items like store brand essential oils. Oh and pizza from the food court.

I find myself shopping at Trader Joe's, Publix, Target, Big Lots, Farmer's Market, and... you get my drift. Yes, I'm driving around town because each offers me a different shopping experience. I wish that I didn't have to do that but that's the way it is. My budget is tight so I do what I can to eat right. I can totally understand why so many give up on trying to eat healthy.

Will I start shopping at Whole Foods? Probably not. Like I mentioned before I was recently in there and my blood pressure was rising. Thank goodness there are other options because…..

Healthy eating shouldn't have to be a luxury.


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