Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Product Review- Shea Moisture Superfruit

I got this at my local target with a $2 off coupon in hand. Shea Moisture is on a roll with their products.

I decided to do medium size twists and let my hair air dry

I un-twisted a few days later, and whoa at the definition!

My signature flat-twist again I was loving the definition as well

You really can't go wrong with Shea Moisture products except for the grease gel. So far it's the only product from the line I really don't care for. They are very affordable. There's always some kind of sale going on and I take advantage of it. Doing so has allowed me to try just about every product, mostly their conditioners. 

I really like this product. It smells really good. It's like perfume for your hair. It has a light cream consistency (it's not thick thick, why did I type that twice?) and didn't leave any residue. Of the two styles I loved the results of the twist-out better than my signature flat-twist. Seems like I found my leave-in……

Umm… I just want to see what this is about ;)


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