Monday, September 1, 2014

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Out and About: I Found A New Farmer's Market

I was out and about running errands and went down a street that I rarely go all the way through. This time I said let me see what it's all about. Next thing you know I see colorful signs that tells me there's a farmer's market in the area. I went into the parking lot and was jumping up and down. See why below…..

This vendor went over what he was selling. But I wasn't sold until he said the magic word. Conch! I haven't had it in years. All I can think of was I'm going to make some Lambi (Legume) a popular Haitian dish I remember eating growing up in Miami.

My Greens- Cabbage, Green Onions, and Celery 

I was so ready to get my yoga on but who gon' run my errands?

Beautiful artwork


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